Christ Lutheran Cochrane
Ash Wednesday
Christ Lutheran Cochrane
Christ Lutheran Cochrane will have Ash Wednesday Worship Service on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 in Cochrane, WI. There will also be a Lenten Supper at 5:00pm and the Luther High School Sound Foundation Choir performing during the Worship Service.
  • Lenten Supper @ 5:00pm
  • Worship Service @ 6:30pm
  • Luther HS Choir During Worship
Mission Statement of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church: It is the will of God: That we will all be his witnesses to spread the Good News that Jesus our Savior brought us peace with God through the forgiveness of sins for all people. That we proclaim the Law and Gospel as revealed in Holy Scriptures to lead all people to repent of sin and to believe in Jesus, who died for our sins and rose to give us eternal life. That we be strengthened in faith and Christian living by worship, communion, continuing instruction, prayer, and fellowship to be better stewards and witnesses.
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