Christ Lutheran Cochrane
Christ Lutheran Cochrane
At Christ Lutheran Cochrane, we're all about connecting people to Jesus. Our mission is to grow in the grace of the Lord as we make disciples and reach out into the surrounding community. We hope that you will choose to visit and experience what makes this body of believers so special! Enjoy the scenic small town of Cochrane as you travel between the Mississippi River and the Buffalo County bluffs where we see the natural beauty our Lord has provided.
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You are welcome to join our Bible Study Classes on Tuesday, March 28, 2023. Morning class at 10:00am & night class at 6:30pm. Event Details

Monday, March 28, 2023
Bible Study Class


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Christ Lutheran Cochrane
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Christ Lutheran Church has put a temporary hold on Video Services that have been in effect since June 2022. We hope to resume recording Services soon.

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